The Company

International Reliability Services Sdn Bhd, also knows as IRS was established in the year 2000 as an Inspection and Non-Destructive Testing and Consultancy Company to cater and cover the need  of a wide spectrum of Industries ranging from  fabrication and construction to Marine, Oil & Gas Industries both onshore and offshore and has developed diversified activities such as Quality Assurance, Quality Control Surveillance, Quality Control, Inspection, NDT, Training and Consultancy Services.  

As a Service oriented company, IRS is well aware of the Importance of Quality Assurance, hence our team of Qualified Engineers and Inspectors are trained to ensure that all our Clients are provided with the highest quality and best services in all jobs undertaken.

IRS provides services that work in close alliance with our customers to highlight any potential problems and mitigate by planned inspection using the latest advance technology supported by integrity assessment and backed up by clients preventive maintenance. The latest Inspection advance technology such as, acoustic emission testing, time of flight diffraction (TOFD) and long range guided wave ultrasonic and conventional ultrasonic technique can all be combined with a database in RBI and Asset Management Software Program ( Supported by our affiliate Engineering) as an integrated Package.

IRS is a leading provider specializing in these services throughout South East Asia. The services are backed – up and supported by detailed structural integrity assessment and Metallurgical investigations where necessary.